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Zija Awards Brandon Hayes Entrepreneur Of The Year

brandonZija International continues to attract promising and talented Distributors as the company experiences steady growth worldwide. In recent years Brandon Hayes joined the successful network marketing company and grew his team to a substantial success.

Hayes had previously worked with other direct sales companies but was drawn to Zija International for its impressive corporate leaders, effective products, and rewarding financial opportunity. He received Zija International’s coveted “Entrepreneur of the Year” award onstage at Zija Summit 2015 thanks to his excitement, success, and team-building acumen. Watch him accept the prestigious award here and read about his Zija journey, in his own words, below:

God truly has blessed me and guided my steps over the last 10 years. I first got involved with network marketing at age 18 with a huge multi-billion dollar company that was well established, debt-free, and had great leadership—but was over 50 years old. Timing wasn’t great for me. I made a little money, but wasn’t a major success story in that company. BUT, here is what that experience did for me: it opened my eyes.

Sandi Watkins Finds New Home At Zija

sandiTop leaders from across the direct sales industry are flocking to Zija International and finding success because of the company’s strong product base, amazing business opportunity, and ‘Life Unlimited’ company culture and message.

The Zija opportunity piqued the interest of Sandi Watkins, who has quickly become a high-ranking Distributor within the company’s lucrative compensation plan.

As a successful network marketing veteran, Watkins was looking for a company with which to finish her rewarding career. With 27 years of experience in the industry, Watkins explains how she has found, and continues to find, so much success in network marketing. She also talks about why, as a strong leading woman, she decided to join the Zija opportunity after being a top earner at her previous company:

“For the last 27 years I have been involved in network marketing. I have had five different opportunities, found success, and along the way I have gained experience and learned what to look for in an effective company.

Luke Curry

Luke Curry, at a young age, mastered discipline and determination. In middle school, he was always "one of the smaller guys", but his competitive nature would not allow him to settle for that. He was introduced to weights and quickly gained a passion for lifting. He learned early that the only thing holding him back from getting bigger and achieving his goals was himself. That passion for lifting carried over into high school when he broke a state power lifting record. In college, Luke broke several school weightlifting records which then led to a world record in June 2010. While in college, Luke also discovered a desire to help others in the gym. He worked for fitness facilities in Kentucky, Las Vegas, and Tennessee.

It wasn't until Luke lost his job running a gym in Tennessee, that he realized he no longer wanted to work for others and build their dreams. He had a wife and newborn daughter that he knew he wanted to provide for, but he also wanted to be a part of their lives.

In 2010, Luke decided on an opportunity within network marketing. He used the same skills that helped him to become successful in the gym, consistency and persistence, to begin building his business. Luke attributes his ability of becoming a leader to three key things: being confident, daily personal development, and having mentors.

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Darren Hardy At Zija

sandi"A fantastic time was invested with Darren Hardy recently in Bowling Green,Kentucky & all of the leadership within Team Elite, Freedom Nation & The Elite Network! #zijanation. Darren is the auther of the "Compound Effect" & the "Entrepreneur Rollercoaster." He is also Founder & Publisher of & where Zija International was recently featured among other incredible accomplishments ".

Zija is being featured in the December 2013 issue of Success from Home Magazine! This is a huge honor, and an amazing tool for our Distributors to use while spreading the message of Life Unlimited.

The magazine hit newstands in November, but was sold at Zija Summit 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is also now available for purchase in your MyZija Back Office - in the "Zija Market" - in packs of 10.