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Hey there! We probably spoke recently about our business or this opporutnity and you are here to learn more. Great! Whether it was a friend who send you here as a guest or you spoke with me recently, I am glad to help you! If your plugged in Zija friend sent you, then just get back to the person who invited you so they can show you how YOU can start your journey too! If it was me or my incredibly uber super fantabulously AWESOME wife, Nadia Brassell, then just walk through some quick steps below and let's plan a time to talk! Great job taking action on your future! We remember doing the same a few short years ago as we realized, "For things to change, we had to change something. Then as we changed, everything changed around us - for the better!" Now, you just take a look and we'll take ACTION together!

ABOVE: Overview of THE Zija International Story also featured in Success from Home Magazine, December 2013

Thanks for visiting! I am a happy husband, father of 4 & I am passionate about serving God & helping His people!

As a former U.S. Marine & competitive athlete, I am also excited about health & fitness! I have an active life with church, sports, family & business responsibilities, so my wife & I had no time OR money to waste in the beginning with this business. I knew being busy with 5 children & managing 4 physical therapy clinics, if my friend Jonathan could do this, we could too. After he told us about his friend's success on the product & business & invited us to "take a look" at the facts behind this opportunity, my wife, Nadia, & I did some

research. As a super skeptic, I researched & found many 3rd party validations & FACT! We had all questions answered by experts, removed obstacles & took ACTION! We enrolled immediately, investing in a Builder System 2 allowing us to get off to a fast start & maximize the compensation plan! This gave us enough product for ourselves AND enough to share with those we cared about!

Since then, by following a simple, duplicatable system anyone can do very part time, I was able to get our family's monthly product paid for quickly by generating a significant part-time residual income, all by simply "telling it" - not "selling" it to others! The product, business & buzz is now spreading like wildfire in our community, nation & even globally allowing us to retire ourselves & many others in our 20's & 30's while directly & indirectly impacting the lives of friends, family & thousands around us.

You're invited to watch the same short Moringa Documentary, the founder of our company, Ken Brailsford, originally watched on the Discovery Channel before he initiated what we have today - Zija International! This short video (below) can help you learn more about the science behind Moringa & Zija's product line, but personally for me, since these nutritional changes I've experienced an increase in focus & mental clarity, especially with the XMBurn. I work out regularly to strengthen my back & since drinking Zija Super Mix, XMProtein and XM+ as needed, I've found improved "work out" performance, more energy & much faster muscle recovery. In general, I just feel better. We have watched these products save us & many others money on grocery & pharmacy bills, now allowing us to give back to others like never before!

Zija is a product you cannot help telling people about. It's more of an obligation now if anything to share with others! The time spent on the business is fun & fits into our daily routines, as we simply started by listening to the conversations about health & finances that were already around us... then sharing our story with others who also have issues we all have like lack of energy, being broke & especially those with problems dealing with weight management & financial issues. In the end, Moringa & the opportunity surrounding it can help us to better serve God, our family & others more effectively by providing time freedom, additional income streams & better all-around health to enjoy it all! This frees up valuable resources, allowing us to give more of what we're given! After earning more income part-time from this compensation plan than I was making at my full time job by simply sharing this opportunity & these products with others (not selling), this has allowed my wife & I to both walk away from traditional "employment" early in life, discovering time freedom to homeschool & truly know our 4 children & to invest time doing what is most important in life! We love sharing our story & helping others do the same, so after reviewing the videos below, please contact us and we can answer any questions on how to get started!


Life Unlimited Convention

ABOVE: The FUN! 2012 Life Unlimited Conference Highlights (4 MINUTES)

Luke Curry - Black Diamond

ABOVE: The STORIES & LIFESTYLES! Luke Curry... Young & Free | Body Builder | Weight Lifter | Trainer | Dad | Husband (5 MINUTES)

Jessica Phillips - Black Diamond

ABOVE: Jessica Phillips... Stay at Home Mom | Philanthapist | Missionary | Adopting Parent (6 MINUTES)

Tommy Sacca - Black Diamond

ABOVE: Tommy Sacca... Insurance | Ministry | Networker | Dad | Husband (5 MINUTES)

Moringa Documentary

ABOVE: The SCIENCE! The Original Discovery Channel Documentary on MORINGA! (20 MINUTES)

Zija Compensation Plan 2016

ABOVE: The COMPENSATION! An overview of the Zija Compensation Plan (3 MINUTES) & a link to the Zija Compensation Plan Document

In about 30 minutes you can have a strong understanding of Moringa, the Zija Core Nutrtionals, Ameo Essential Oils, Ripstix Fitness Supplements & this unique business & time freeing once in a lifetime opportunity.

So for those serious about their health, helping others & growing residual income, understand that anyone with no experience can do it, by following a simple system, sharing these resources & sharing yours & other's stories... We teach you how to do this in a way that new people are just as effective as experts, DAY 1 in the business. As you can see, our team called "Team Crown Elite" & this company is also incredible! Many other learning resources can be found at - - . With all of these presentation resources, no one is a "presenter" unless they want to be! So a SYSTEM is in place for anyone to succeed - if you CHOOSE to! I am nothing special, but just a coachable & teachable person who applied this system that was shared with me & now it's changed our lives! Not everyone will build the business, but anyone CAN! However, the products are for everyone!

I've always heard "The key to getting ahead in life is getting STARTED!" So review whatever interests you most here & then let us help answer any questions you have so you can start building YOUR Zija Business TODAY! Thanks for your time & make it a great day!

God Bless, Cheers & Drink Life In,

Kevin Brassell (270) 792-8854 | | Double Diamond Elite Executive | Zija International | | Our 5 Min Audio Recorded Story: (559) 546-1941

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