General Questions

Knowing what I know now I would apply the knowledge I was taught FASTER & with a more MASSIVE ACTION approach! Remember APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is the real power! Slow and steady wins the race... bollocks! Don't be afraid to move FAST! Success likes SPEED! It's easier to build it quickly than slowly because of ENERGY, EXCITEMENT & "BIG MO" (That's MOMENTUM!)

Short answer - I help them make a list, make contact with that list, invite people to take a look & invite them to take ACTION! FAST START TRAINING maybe... I call it ABC123 (Giving ACCESS, showing the BASICS & COMMITTING to success), more thoroughly covered in our team app at FREEDOMplugin.com. Excitement is in your favor when someone gets started so give them ACCESS to a few others using connection calls or "validation" calls is parapmount. Next I just show them the BASICS of our system. System stands for save yourself time energy and money. Showing the basics will allow for quick duplication. Let the training system & tools & resources do the explaining. Not you! You just do the pointing and focus on implementing the fundamental PIQUE, PASS, PLUG process to help your new business partner earn their first paycheck so it becomes real for them. Finally, I help them COMMIT to their first two enrollments, their first year in the business and to the SYSTEM so that it doesn't end with them! When they "get two" they get paid, then they have BELIEF in themselves and the process and they will continue on. We are a society of quitters, so DON"T QUIT, and find a way to help newbies work past that! Like marriages, small businesses, music & most everything, most people quit in their first year, but the 10% who stay typically go on to reach their goals and dreams because of the things they learn, the people they meet and the person they become along the way! Stick and stay & get your pay! The goal is to create an endless cycle of duplication in a few different directions!

These two are together, the "Bible" of network marketing & a must hear as soon as you start to help you "Guard your mind" and cast aside some stinkin thinkin!

Darren Hardy, Making the Shift



Jim Rohn, Building Your Network Marketing Business


...& many others are in our "Read & Rank" tab in our Freedom Nation app.

I literally just listen to people in all circumstances. God gave us two ears and one mouth so we listen twice as much as we speak! People will give not only ten but 10,000 reasons why they need your product, opportunity, community, support & help, if we just listen. I'll give you and example along the way as I always share prosprecting stories and real life scenarios in my trainings.

But what? Many wanna be a Diamond, but few wanna get cut. It's a package deal. There are no shortcuts. You have to talk to people, talk to people and then talk to more people, ENOUGH & UNTIL. Talking to ENOUGH people UNTIL you find who you are looking for UNTIL you have the results you want, UNTIL you have helped a few of them get what they are looking for! Don't give up, never surrender! It's not easy, but it is worth it! FOCUS... Follow One Course Until Successful! Distractions will come and go but don't let yourself be distractED! You see the problem with most people is when opportunity is knocking at the front door, they are in the backyard looking for a four leaf clover or at the store searching for a lottery ticket. Opportunities are never lost, someone will always take them. Stay close to the person who shared this with you and follow their lead and duplicate that leadership and remember there are only 2 (TWO) types of people who do this: 1) WINNERS & 2) QUITTERS. So... no one remembers who came in 2nd place, so stick with #1! #GOdiamond