Remember, we can know everything about everything & have the best plan of attack, but if we aren’t attacking, moving or doing SOMETHING, then nothing happens! What kind of forward focused cultural movement are we building? See, we are either passively accepting “set ways” or we are shaping & BUILDING new positive habits in

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   “Patience, persistence & perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napolean Hill Stay the course! Big MO is your friend! For some, he’s like family! Don’t let him leave! Throw him a party! Invite him to stay as long as he wishes!     As a leader, Big MOmentum works hard with you as long

Here is why we do what we do… I’ve told this story lately in small groups & haven’t really publicly shared it yet. It is a MUST HEAR! I’m old Franklin Simpson High school friends with Walter Barnes & we may have never reconnected if it weren’t for this moment, so I am so grateful

  The haters & instigators today will be proud players & paraders tomorrow – WHEN they are ready for change!     Remember, there’s one in every crowd! So, let the nay sayers set on the sidelines, but then don’t hang out there with them! Their popcorn can’t hit your front row class from their back

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It’s FREEDOM FRIDAY! Who is FEARLESSLY pursuing their dreams today?!   “Don’t be afraid.” There are 365 messages from God in the Bible that begin with a phrase like, “Fear not!” In other words, every single day of the year you can read a message from God that says, in effect, “You don’t need to be

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  If you took a selfie of your future self, how different would it look!? Do you think about it or prepare for it? Would you wanna go back to change anything? What does your future look like? What ripple effects do you see? Is it crystal clear or is it a worry blurry? Let’s